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A Time To Embrace

Posted on Saturday March 21st, 2020 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Fredrik Andersson & Ensign Jules Leclerc & Ensign George Leclerc

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Endeavour NX-06, en route to Kreetassa
Timeline: Friday 20th February 2156

Entering the main engineering section of [i]Endeavour[/i] was a weird sensation for Andersson. It had been over three years since he had worked on a starship and he had never expected to ever be assigned to an [i]NX[/i]-class in his career. Lieutenant Commander Fredrik Andersson stepped through the threshold of the large door and looked around to see his new staff all busy, working on a range of assignments.

Once he was in he was greeted by a much younger man who extended his hand. “Lieutenant Commander Andersson,” He said with a warm smile, “I’m Ensign George Leclerc, your second engineer. Welcome to [i]Endeavour[/i].” The shorter, light-brown hair man let go of Andersson’s hand after his introduction.

“Thank you ensign,” Andersson replied with. “I appreciate the warm welcome.” He continued to scan the room, getting used to how big it was compared to what he originally envisioned.

“Well the crew has been through a lot so when news spread we were receiving a new chief engineer so quickly; I can tell you now there was a sigh of relief from many of us.” Leclerc added. “The biggest sigh probably came from me the most as I was worried the captain would leave me in charge down here and I’ve only just graduated from Starfleet Training Command.”

Andersson soon stopped looking around the room and turned his attention back to the ensign. “Unfortunately ensign, I was not expecting this posting as well. But Captain O’Brien on Starbase One owed Captain Campbell a few favours and from what I hear, he has now paid that debt back by assigning me here.”

“Oh right,” Leclerc nodded to show his understood the situation. “Would you like me to take you on a tour of our critical systems?”

The Swedish chief engineer took a deep breath in, rubbed his goatee beard and nodded in acknowledgement. “Absolutely ensign,” He paused, “Do you mind if I call you George? I’ve never been one to be formal with those under my command.”

“Of course sir.” Leclerc answered.

“Then show me what this impressive vessel has to offer George.” Andersson requested as he gestured for the young man to take the lead.

Almost an hour later and Andersson had seen everything from the warp assembly, to the main fusion reactors and the computer core processor. His deputy was now returning him to engineering when a voice shouted for Leclerc behind him. Both engineers stopped and turned around on the deck they were on to see another young ensign, this time in a yellow command uniform with the rank of ensign making his way over to them.

“Ah, Commander Andersson, can I introduce you to Ensign Jules Leclerc. [i]Endeavour[/i] recently appointed acting chief helm officer.” George said as the slightly taller man approached them.

Andersson extended his hand towards the pilot. “Nice to meet you ensign.” He looked back and forth between the two men. “Are you both-”

“Married?” The pilot finished off. “Yes sir, George and I got married before our posting here.”

Chuckling to himself, Andersson understood the situation. “Well I do hope you both are able to make your marriage work as well as I have with my wife.” He paused as he explained further, “She’s in Starfleet too.”

“Is she assigned to [i]Endeavour[/i] as well sir?” George asked.

Shaking his head once, Andersson replied. “No, she’s assigned to Starbase One as its first officer and chief armoury officer. I’ll see her soon once we’re finished with the Kreetassans.”

“Are you not here permanently sir?” Jules enquired.

“No, like you ensign I’m just the acting chief engineer for now.” He announced. “I suppose, I’ll be working closely working with you on-”

Again he was interrupted, but this time with the ship entering tactical alert and they could feel the warp engine’s vibrations intensify within the ship.

“I suggest we get to the bridge to find out what’s happening,” Andersson said towards the pilot before turning to the other engineer, “George head to main engineering and take command for me.”

“Aye sir.” George said and turned to his husband, smiled at him and then headed down the corridor towards the engine room.

Running down the corridor with the young pilot, Andersson just wondered if he would get the chance to share a smile and a moment with his wife, Kristanna, anytime soon. He just hoped the curse he had heard that had been placed on the ship, would be lifted so he could return to Starbase One soon.


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