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A Time Of War And Time Of Peace

Posted on Sunday March 15th, 2020 @ 9:54pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Corporal Fynn Trommler

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Endeavour NX-06, en route to Kreetassa
Timeline: Friday 20th February 2156

Quietly working out in the ship’s gym, Captain Campbell had a portable headset over his ears as he rode on the exercise bike. Starring at the screen before him that contained the latest workout video he was using; Campbell had his back to the door and didn’t notice it open to see who would enter it. The music that was blearing out of his headset had isolated him from being aware of what was happening elsewhere. The upbeat playlist played a range of songs that were appropriate for what he was doing. For the moment it helped him. He had spent the last two days with his new first officer reviewing and reading everything that they had on the Kreetassans. Reading Captain Archer’s logs from when he had met them on a few occasions, Campbell had wondered if he would have to undertake some sort of ritual when he and the Deputy Secretary presented the proposal for them to join the war-effort.

A familiar touch appeared on his right shoulder, if it had been anyone else he would have reacted differently but he knew who it was. Standing in his workout clothes (a vest, loose shorts and trainers) was his ex-husband. Slowing down and taking his headset off, Campbell greeted him. “Hey,” He said quietly, he didn’t want to appear too informal in case there was anyone else around. Checking quickly, Campbell was pleased to see it was just the two of them.

“Chill out Ollie,” Trommler said in his watered-down German accent. He held a towel in one hand and a water bottle in the other. He pulled himself up on to the bike next to Campbell’s and spoke further, “How you doing? I haven’t seen you since we left Starbase One.”

Nodding in response initially, “I’m fine thanks.” Campbell replied as he took a sip from his own bottle. “It’s just been busy getting our new crew settled in and preparing for this mission to Kreetassa.”

Trommler smirked, “Ollie, we’re not married, you don’t have to fully explain yourself.”

“I know that,” Campbell said back as he started to slowly cycle again. He paused, looked at the screen and then back to Trommler. “It’s just the other day in the corridor when we…”

“Kissed?” Trommler finished. “Yeah sorry about that, I know it was out of line and unprofessional.”

Stopping his cycling, Campbell looked over to Trommler. “There’s that Fynn, but also…” He paused. “I thought we closed the chapter on us.”

“We did,” Trommler answered honestly. “It’s just, since coming here on Endeavour, seeing you in command…well…it’s just different Ollie.”

His shoulders deflated, not wanting to hear that. Where the hell were they going with this? “Fynn, are you telling me you want something between us again?”

Turning completely to Campbell, Trommler explained himself. “I know how I left us was not the best way, I know I could have done more and I didn’t. I take full responsibility for it. I’m not expecting you to forgive me, or even consider us getting back together. But I can’t leave it and I need to tell you what I was trying to say to you because I can’t move on without saying it.”

Shocked again at how upfront Trommler was with being with him, Campbell didn’t know what to say. How they ended their relationship had broken his heart and it had happened on the eve of the Battle of Sol.

“Listen, I just never got to tell you that I am proud of you and what you have achieved with the work you do. I should have said that more often and sooner, I get it too. Even more so now. So I just wanted to say that I am sorry and if there was any way we could have something then…” Trommler drifted off, his was staring at Campbell.

Campbell lowered his head; he had been hurt so badly when they had separated and eventually divorced. He didn’t know what he wanted right now. Before he had a chance to respond the intercom went off.

Walking over to the nearest communications panel, he hit the button to answer the call. The voice was of his new first officer telling him that they had picked up a distress call from the Kreetassan homeworld as the Romulans were attacking them.

“Go to tactical, increase to warp five and get a message to Starbase One telling them what’s happened. I’ll be up there shortly commander. Campbell out.” He tapped the panel one more time to close the channel. Looking over to Trommler, he smiled at him. “Let me think about what you’ve said, but I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t miss you Fynn.”

Trommler smiled in appreciation. “Thanks Ollie.” He said and walked over to him. He kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. “Go be the hero I know you are.”

Campbell grinned back and left the gym in a hurry to get to the bridge. What would they find once they arrived?


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