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Quiet Entrance

Posted on Friday March 13th, 2020 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Jamie-Leigh Armit

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Deck E
Timeline: Wednesday 18th February, 2156 (following dinner)

So this was home...

Negotiating her way through the corridors of the ship, all of her belongings currently crammed into a solitary kit bag, Lt.Commander reached her assigned quarters on E Deck without too much trouble at all. Standing just inside the door, her brown eyes swept the non descript room which had more storage space than she had things to actually store. Which was ideal. She preferred things to be uncluttered. It didn't always stay that way, but it was how she liked it.

Moving to the bunk she set down her kit bag and set to work. A couple of pictures, a few reference journals with her notes scribbled in the margins and a few old books. She folded away the few off duty clothes - and her gym gear - and stowed her shows in the closet, with plenty of room to spare. Not that she expected much opportunity to go on shopping trips.

Curiosity made her explore every nook and cranny of her quarters before she set off to explore the rest of the ship. The science facilities were spread out across multiple decks, from Planetary science labs on G deck up to anthropology and astronomy on B deck, with plenty in between. And people, she would have to meet them. Hopefully they were not liabilities like Durovstein - she shuddered at the thought. No, she had to have confidence that they would not be here, on an NX class ship, without being talented and capable.

The sudden assignment, after so much waiting, was almost dizzying. Yet it was what she needed. Something to focus upon. To prove she was capable. Not just to her new CO but to herself. She could do this.

Passing by the medical bay she hesitated in mid stride, contemplating just getting it over with. Her file was somewhat larger than it used to be, with scars to prove it and that usually made doctors curious. Perhaps, if the situation was reversed, she would be curious too.

"Later," she muttered under her breath, with zero intention of following through with it until absolutely necessary. For now she had only one objective in mind. Well two.

Exploring the ship and not getting lost.


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