Star Trek

Endeavour NX-06


End of the comfort zone

Posted on Sunday February 9th, 2020 @ 7:45pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Corporal Fynn Trommler

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Endeavour NX-06, en route to Starbase 1
Timeline: Monday 26th January 2156

Finding himself on F deck, Captain Campbell was pleased to see at least one area of his ship that wasn't in complete mess and wasn't as damaged as the rest of the ship. It was mostly powered down due to power requirements needed elsewhere, so the lightning was on a dim level. There was barely anyone around, so when he did start walking down the corridor he didn’t come across anyone. Maybe that’s what he needed right now. Sometime to himself. Walking along the curved corridor, he eventually did pass one MACO solider and an armoury officer. As this deck contained the ship’s armouries and the MACO barracks, he wasn’t surprised to find them down here. Smiling to them both, they carried on walking passed him without saying anything else to him. He was pretty pleased with that; he wasn’t really in a chatty mood.

“I’m surprised to see you down here.” A familiar voice said from down one end of the corridor.

Turning his head in the voice’s direction, he knew instantly who it was and if it was anybody else he would have cut them down to shreds for talking to their commanding officer in that manner. However he felt tired from the extra shifts he had been on recently and the lack of sleep he had yet to achieve because he couldn’t stop thinking about the battle over Deneva. “Corporal Trommler, I would have assumed you’d be with the rest of the MACOs offering help with the damage control and repair teams?”

Campbell’s ex-husband approached him and shook his head as he answered. “No sir,” He replied. It almost seemed alien to hear Fynn speak so formally to him. “I was in re-supplying the weapon lockers with power cells.”

“A productive use of your time.” Campbell sarcastically said.

“Indeed.” Trommler remarked. “Is there someone or something you need on this deck, sir?”

Campbell shook his head. “No thank you corporal.” He began to walk off and Trommler followed. The captain turned to the MACO soldier. “Do you need something corporal?”

“No sir.” Trommler answered sincerely as he remained at Campbell’s side. “Nothing formally that is.”

Campbell shook his head and knew what his ex was up to. “I’ve haven’t got time to play games with you Fynn.” He groaned in a lower voice; he didn’t want anyone else picking up on what was happening – even though there was no-one else nearby to hear them.

“Liar.” Trommler quipped back with as he continued to walk alongside Campbell. “I can read you like a book Ollie. You came down here to see me.”

Knowing there was no point trying to argue any further with him, Campbell huffed in annoyance. Even after their divorce and separation, Trommler knew how to get under his skin. “Yeah I did as a matter of fact.”
Trommler smiled at the answer and the two men stopped in their tracks, still alone in the dim lit corridor. Extending his right hand out to touch Campbell on the cheek, Trommler cupped his face. “Thank you for caring.”

Campbell smiled at the remark and then carefully pulled Trommler’s hand away from his face. “I don’t think I could deal with loosing you under my command.”

“I know,” Trommler admitted. “And I’m sorry we’re in this situation.”

Campbell just nodded. “I should get back to-”

“Stalking the halls of your ship?” Trommler inserted.

Smirking, Campbell nodded. “Something like that. I need to make sure the crew isn’t in a complete mess after that battle.”

“We’re not and even if we are Ollie, I promise you we will hold the line whatever the cost.” Trommler added. He pulled his ex-husband in by the collar and kissed him gentle on the lips before letting go. “That’s for beating the Romulans back and proving to me that you’re right to be in that uniform.”

Shocked, surprised, stunned. Campbell wasn’t expecting any of that and just stood still for a moment as he watched Trommler trot back to where he came from. He re-entered the lift and made his way to another deck to think over what the hell just happened between him and Fynn.