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Every sunset...

Posted on Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 11:01pm by Captain Oliver Campbell

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Bridge, Endeavour NX-06
Timeline: Monday 26th January 2156

Three hours into his shift on the bridge, Campbell had managed to keep his restlessness at bay for most of it. He had hated waiting to hear of the news of that those who had been heavily wounded/hurt during the Battle of Deneva were finally off the ship. The torment of nightmares since the battle had engulfed almost every time he tried to sleep. So many of the Endeavour’s crew had been injured during the costly battle that also cost them the loss of a quarter of the crew. Those brave men and women who had served on the ship did not deserve to die in this vicious war that the Romulans were running against Earth.

Wondering if the ship was cursed ever since its involvement in the Battle of Sol where the entire bridge crew were killed along with almost half of the crew too, Campbell had wondered if he needed to take a reality check and finally come to terms that this war was going to kill a lot more people before it was over.

Once the communication officer on duty had confirmed that the transfers were complete, including the bodies of those crewmembers who had died at their posts, Campbell was pleased for the ship to be back underway. The ship would not be back up at being fully operational as it rushed towards Berengaria. The system that now contained Starbase 1, the small orbital station that Starfleet had constructed in haste with its Vulcan allies, would be their safe house for a small duration until Starfleet issues them with their next orders. While there they would receive their new crewmembers and receive final repairs that they could not do themselves.

Being interrupted again from his thoughts, the captain was informed that the Canberra (the Sarajevo-class ship that had fought alongside them at Deneva) was moving away and heading back to Earth. Looking up to see the smaller craft jump towards warp back to their homeworld, Campbell did not feel jealous for Commander Matti Virtanen, the skipper of the Canberra. The Finnish commander would be taking back to Earth those who would be either giving treatment to return to the frontlines or those who would not be able to participate in the war again. Solemnly too, Virtanen had the horrendous job of returning the bodies of the honoured dead.

Among those on the Canberra was Endeavour’s former chief engineer, chief armoury officer and chief helm officer. All of them had been badly hurt during the battle and needed urgent medical care back on Earth.

Looking over to the science station, he told Lieutenant Yamada to take over until Lieutenant Commander Ryan returned to the bridge after seeing the injured and dead off the ship with Doctor Davison. He had decided he would go for a walk and clear his head.


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