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A Chance Encounter

Posted on Sunday December 8th, 2019 @ 5:50pm by Corporal Fynn Trommler

Mission: The Long And Hard Road
Location: MACO Headquarters, Lian Yu, North China Sea
Timeline: Tuesday 13th January 2156

Tuesday, December 30th, 2155
Manchester, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Earth

“Olly, please let me explain.” Fynn shouted after him. He pulled on Oliver’s shoulder.

Rage just overwhelmed Oliver at that point and he turned around and punched Fynn in the face. Fynn fell backwards and swung back at him.

Oliver stumbled against the hotel door. He paused for a second, placed his hand on his cheek where Fynn had hit him, he then turned to look back at his husband one last time before opening the door and saying over his shoulder, “Goodbye Fynn, have a great life.” He said it through gritted teeth and pushed back the tears as he walked out and slammed the door behind him. Taking a breath, he heard Fynn sobbing on the other side of the door. Shaking his head, Oliver soon walked down the corridor and left the hotel.

Tuesday 13th January 2156
MACO Headquarters, Lian Yu, North China Sea

Running as fast as he can, Fynn Trommler could almost feel the sand creeping into his trainers. In his ears were his earpieces as he listened to the music that helped him when he went for his daily run. The fast, upbeat music kept him focussed and made sure he wasn’t too distracted. Lian Yu, the home of the MACOs, was an incredible place. It didn’t compare to any of the training camps that he had been to since he joined the MACOs as an enlisted reserve almost two years ago. Going from being a celebrity football player to a soldier, had caused a lot of adjustment issues for Fynn. The twenty-seven-year-old German had decided that his time in professional football (or soccer as it was known in other nations) wasn’t enough for him. Both his fathers had taught him and his brother that life was about making a difference. He didn’t feel like he was making a difference when he played on the pitch, so he followed in his older brother’s footsteps and joined Earth’s elite military unit.

His decision had been a secretive one for some time. One it was for his own sake, he needed to know if it was right for him (it turned out to be exactly that) and secondly, he didn’t know how his husband, at the time, would react. The sunrise over Lian Yu was a welcome distraction from re-living and thinking about that terrible evening of how his marriage to Oliver had ended. Fynn blamed himself for it. He shouldn’t have let it get out of hand; he should have told Oliver sooner.

Trying to put it all behind him, he kept running. Instead of away from everything, he was literally heading towards it. Heading towards the base.

Approaching one of the side gates, he showed his credentials to the guard post and was allowed in. Walking in, he entered into the barracks his new unit had been assigned to. They would all be shipping out in the morning onto their new assignment: Endeavour NX-04. The fourth warp five ship to have been built was an impressive first job for him. He wanted to prove to Oliver (who was in Starfleet himself) and his brother (who was assigned to Challenger the third NX-class ship) that he could cope with life on a starship.
Sweat was pouring down his forehead, his cheeks, his chest, in fact his entire body. Almost ripping his sleeveless vest from his body, the young man took his earpieces out of his ear and pulled his portable music device off from the bi-cep belt it had been sat in. Walking across the barracks, he made his way over to his bunkbed. His entire unit had been shipped from Camp Fitzgerald in the states shortly after the disastrous Battle of Sol to Lian Yu. Since then they had been kept within these barracks as their temporary home while they awaited their assignment orders. Getting to know everyone had been another welcome relief for Fynn. After deciding to leave L.A. Galaxy, the football team he had been with, and to formalise his enlistment with the MACOs, he had felt slightly lonely. He had discussed his decision with his fathers, both who were hesitant at first to hear the news, but his father Kurt (who was Earth’s Health Secretary) accepted his choice. Being an important member of the United Earth Government within the Littlejohn administration, Kurt understood why Fynn wanted to join the MACOs to make a difference. He, alongside his husband, had only wished that he had enlisted with Starfleet to avoid the possibility of both of their sons dying in MACO uniforms.

Sitting on the edge of his bunk, Fynn pulled a towel out of the small chest of drawers that sat next to his bed. He looked at the double-picture frame he kept on top of it. On one side was a picture from his childhood with his brother and he with their dads when they went on holiday to Florida. The other was taking of him and Oliver shortly after they first got together when they attended a fundraising event. Both of them were related to high profile politicians in the Littlejohn administration (Oliver’s sister-in-law was the Foreign Secretary) and would be regularly invited to help out with campaigning or fundraising events. Both of them were smiling together and looked incredibly smart in their tuxedos.

“How was the run?” A male voice spoke, interrupting Fynn’s daze.

Fynn looked up to see his bunkmate, and currently only friend in the unit, Lance Corporal Wyatt Grant standing before him. Wyatt was tall and slim, similar to Fynn and both of them had got on well due to Wyatt enjoying soccer as much as Fynn did. Wyatt had admitted to being a fan of Fynn’s too a few days ago, but they had gotten past that fact. Alongside that they were of the same age and just got each other’s sense of humour. Wyatt was from the Midlands in England, had two children (both boys) and was a widow. His wife had been killed in the Xindi attack. As a result, being part of the MACOs was something he had done to defend his homeworld and especially his sons. On some level, Wyatt was Fynn’s kindred spirit. They had spent one evening at a bar drinking together and sharing their backgrounds. Wyatt had explained his decision to remain in the service while his parents raised his sons for him. He had to prove his wife’s death had been for nothing.

Fynn looked up at towards his friend. “Ya, it was good thanks, you should have joined me.”

Wyatt walked over to their shared locker and began getting dressed (he had just come out of the communal shower area). “Nah, I heard late last night that we should be moving out to the Endeavour today. Apparently, the new captain has been picked and is on his way to meet with the old man today.”

Deciding he needed to get out his smelly, sweaty clothes, Fynn stood up and stretched his back out as he began pulling his belongings together so he could take a shower. “So do you know the name of the new captain that’s meeting with General Casey?”

After pulling his trousers on and leaning over to grab his undershirt, Wyatt nodded. “Yeah.” He stood up, turned around so his back was towards Fynn and pulled his top over his head.

Confused that his friend didn’t share any more details, Fynn decided to push further. “Who is it?”

Sighing to himself, Wyatt turned to look at Fynn with an unhappy and almost guilty expression. “It’s Oliver.” He answered and looked down towards the picture of Fynn with his ex on the bedside cabinet.

Fynn was shocked and sat back down on his bunk. “Are you sure?” He asked looking up at Wyatt.

Nodding once, Wyatt sat down next to the man. He knew of his heartache and how much Fynn regretted ended it with Oliver. “Yup, apparently he got a field promotion after the battle. Fleet Admiral Hathaway gave him the Endeavour as a reward for stopping the Romulan’s attempt at nuking us to kingdom come.”

“Jeez, I didn’t know he got a promotion.” Fynn remarked. He stood up, “Well I don’t think there’s much I can do.”

Wyatt gently grabbed hold of Fynn’s arm, stopping him from walking away. “Fynn, if it’s going to be awkward, you may need to tell our new detachment commander sooner rather than later.”

Fynn just nodded and smiled in appreciation for Wyatt looking out for him. His friend let go of him and he made his way over to the shower.

Hours later, Fynn stood in silence behind his other MACO comrades as he watched Oliver Campbell, captain of Endeavour enter the training bay with Captain Shingoen and Sergeant Cotton. Instantly their eyes met each other and Fynn could only smile towards the man he truly loved and still loved.


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