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Posted on Tuesday December 10th, 2019 @ 1:06am by Master Chief Petty Officer Nami Chang & Lieutenant Brantley Davison MD

Mission: The Long And Hard Road
Location: Temporary Medbay
Timeline: Now

Sickbay was the one place Nami did not want to be. It wasn’t the usual macho thing that most MACOs had, but rather the simple fact that she’d spent over a year in medical after her return from the Xindi weapon. She’d come back almost completely paralyzed from the waist down, and one year and dozens of surgeries later had no desire to ever return. Return she did, following the Battle of Sol where she was again serious injured.

Nowadays a routine physical tended to be more like an interrogation, followed by lots of unwanted attention by the medical staff when all she really wanted was to be left alone. Things hurt, and would for the rest of her days. Her left knee was never going to return to what it once was, and her left eye was also irreparably damaged. She didn’t mind, had adapted to her limitations, and just wanted to be allowed to perform her duties with a minimum of fuss.

Still, she had orders from Walter Reed to report to sickbay immediately upon her return to the Endeavor, and that was exactly what she was doing now. She left her knee brace in her quarters and on arrival at sickbay gritted her teeth against the pain and forced her left knee to move in a wider arc than it liked to, all while concentrating on walking without her usual limp.

The CMO was impossible to miss as the guy stood about six foot twenty and had biceps bigger than she was, but he had a gentle look about him that Nami just couldn’t place. She walked up with her medical file in hand and introduced herself.

“Master Chief Nami Chang, COB. I’m here for my intake physical.”

"Welcome, Chief. Sorry, this has to happen in this cargo bay, but the Medbay is still out of commission. Why don't you have a seat on the bed there, and one of the nurses will get things started while I review your transfer medical records," Davison responded.

Taking position behind the only computer terminal in the cargo hold, he hoped it would do what he needed it to do. Thankfully, it did, albeit very slowly. "Chief, you appear to be very lucky to be upright and moving given your medical history. The worst I can claim is I have had to be treated for overdoing it while working out." He suddenly realized he quite literally stood head and shoulders over the Chief. Still, he wouldn't want to tussle with her. Muscles did not equate to aggressive tendencies. Unless she was under attack and he was coming to her aid, she was likely far more dangerous than he was. He had to repress the urge to giggle at the thought. Given her medical history, she had to be a real fighter. "Do you have any lingering pain we should know about as a baseline should something come up later?"

“Are you joking?” She replied. “I’m not concerned about pain, just getting cleared for duty. Just tell me what to do and we’ll get this over with, alright?”

Looking at her, hating having to drag the details from her, but knowing he had to. "With all due respect, ma'am, I'm afraid I must insist on receiving a response to the question. It's important I understand where you hurt, so if something happens down the road, I will have some kind of baseline to compare it to. If you'll just answer my questions, we can have this over with-in no time."

“To answer your question, I am in constant pain. It’s worse when I first wake up, or if I sit or stand in the same position for too long. It is the price of going on, of being whole instead of confined to a chair. I keep it under control, and that has to be enough.”

"It's better than a lot of people can say, Chief. I did my Interspecies internship on Vulcan and had the opportunity to study their art of meditation as a form of pain control. If you'd ever like me to teach it to you, one of the MACO staff came aboard with me from Vulcan, and I'm sure she'd love to have additional crew join us in our sessions. I can't promise you total relief, but it can't hurt to try, no pun intended." He hated to see anyone he served with who suffered, especially if he could give them *some* relief without resulting to medication. Besides, he was sure she'd already been on most of them, without much success.

“I’ve heard about Vulcan meditation. I’ve been doing Tai Chi to warm up before my workout routine, is it similar?”

"Not quite, Tai Chi is about relieving or refocusing energy through slow and deliberate motion, meditation is about relaxation and trying to find your mental and emotional center, learning to control your thoughts and feelings. With enough focus and discipline, you may even be able to learn to block out most of the pain. It isn't foolproof, but it can't hurt any more than you already do."

I’ll try anything once.”


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