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Return of the Chief

Posted on Monday January 27th, 2020 @ 6:57pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Nami Chang & Captain Oliver Campbell

Mission: Their Finest Hour
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Before the Battle of Deneva, Present

With her daughter situated in junior officers’ quarters and her own luggage delivered to her quarters, Nami would make her way up to the bridge. That it was an entirely new bridge module didn’t concern her at all, but that a new captain and first officer were there instead of the team she went into battle with, did.

Truth be told, she didn’t know the former command crew particularly well either. She’d seen the captain around a few times and they’d worked together on staffing and some modifications to the ship’s rosters and schedules, but for the most part as Captain Demitriou dealt with the bigger picture of getting a new ship ready for launch, while Nami as chief of the boat was more involved in the minutia such as parts deliveries, dockyard staffing and, what in retrospect was either her best or worst decision; making sure the torpedo magazines were fully stocked and that the phase canons were operational before they even had working life support.

When the Romulan attacked Sol the Endeavour wasn’t even listed as complete yet. Only 90 of her crew had reported and while weapons, propulsion and life support were operational, other essential systems such as long range sensors, transporters and even the generators for the hull polarization system had yet to be fitted. Incomplete and understaffed as she was, Endeavor launched ahead of schedule and went into battle with some statistician somewhere at HQ likely the only one who knew if the damage and losses she suffered had actually mattered in turning the tide.

To Nami, it was something that was always on her mind of late. Had she not pushed so hard for the tactical systems to be online, Endeavor would not have suffered the damage she did, and more importantly 78 of the 90 officers and crew already assigned that day would be alive today and Nami herself would be able to walk more than a few steps without a brace on her knee.

That brace, and most other signs of the Battle of Sol were nowhere to be seen as Nami left her quarters and headed to the lift. She had to concentrate on every single step, using the utmost care to make sure her left knee only moved directly fore and aft, as even the slightest lateral movement would send her crashing painfully to the deck. The pain was excruciating as she forced the knee to bend slightly beyond the 35 degrees it usually moved.

All of those thoughts were quickly shoved back into their normal corner of Nami’s mind as the lift door opened and she saw Captain Campbell and Commander Ryan, both of whom matched the photos in their personnel files quite well. She dug her fingernails into the palms of her hand and then walked stiffly, but straightly out of the lift and across the bridge to where the two senior officers stood.

“Captain, Commander” she said in greeting as she held out her orders releasing her from medical back to active duty with orders to resume her posting as chief of the boat. “Master Chief Nami Chang, Chief of the Boat. I trust your quarters are in order?”

Ryan spied the Chief who appeared to be in some pain but didn't want to say anything said, "Yes, Chief, they are. The Quartermaster has been excellent in his assistance. Master Chief Chang, how are you getting along now that you're back aboard?"

“That depends on whether or not my tea set survived the battle damage and the cleanup afterward” Nami replied.

"Well, for your and our sake, I hope it did," Ryan said with a smile.

Oliver extended his hand out to his new chief of the boat. "Chief, thank you for coming up to see us." He said greeting the impossible young-looking woman before him.

Nami shook the preferred hand with more strength than someone her size usually possessed as she replied “Of course, Captain.”

"I think both the commander and I can appreciate how difficult it may be for you since we've taken over from Captain Demitriou and the others. I hope we are able to build a strong working relationship." Campbell offered with a friendly smile.

“I’m just glad they were able to fix me as quickly as they fixed the Endeavor.”

"Yes, I agree with the captain. So far, our working relationship has been rather smooth, as far as neither of us knowing the slightest about the other. I only received my doctorate and so am struggling to come to terms with that as well as a new ship and new technology. So, I'm rambling on, aren't I?" said Ryan trying not to look as embarrassed in front of the new CoB as well as his new commanding officer.

"Relax sir, you'll do fine" Nami replied to the younger, though senior officer.

As the ship's only Command Master Chief and the Chief of the Boat, her position was quite unusual in the chain of command. While technically even the most junior ensign fresh from the academy "outranked" her, position wise she reported directly to the captain and was either third or fourth in command depending on whether a 2nd officer was assigned. More importantly, as a very senior NCO, she had more experience than most officers on board, and as such was expected to provide mentorship and advice, when needed.

:::: Time Skip, Present ::::

Nami signed off on the last of the transfer orders, releasing the wounded and dead from the Endeavor's roster. So many lost, so many still in critical condition. She allowed herself some small solace in the fact that her daughter was not on either the wounded or the killed in action list. Then there were damage reports, revised duty rosters and her assessment of the ship's current readiness.

Nami herself came within a few centimeters of being among the casualties, with some shrapnel embedding itself in her left shoulder. Two centimeters higher and it likely would ripped through her jugular.

The last of the orders complete, she made her way to the bridge, a bit of residual stiffness and a minor scar the only reminder of her recent injuries, though the old injuries from the Xindi weapon would be with her for the rest of her days. She stepped out of the armory officer to make her way to the bridge only to run into Captain Campbell in the corridor.

"Captain, the last of the casualties are transferred and I've completed our battle damage assessment and readiness report."


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