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Big Decisions

Posted on Saturday September 14th, 2019 @ 4:23pm by Captain Oliver Campbell

Mission: Whatever The Cost May Be
Location: Snowdon Mountain Complex, Snowdonia National Park, Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Earth
Timeline: Tuesday, December 30th, 2155

Tuesday, December 30th, 2155
Snowdon Mountain Complex, Snowdonia National Park, Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Earth

Starring at various screens with her arms crossed, President Littlejohn had felt like she had been holding her breath for what seemed an eternity. Starring at one of the monitors that showed Starfleet ships moving towards a squadron of Romulan fighters, Lydia deeply regretted not being up there with the countless brave men and women who were serving to defend their homeworld.

“Lydia,” spoke her Vice President in a low tone.

Turning her head to look over her shoulders, Lydia’s gloom mood was lifted slightly at the sight of seeing Elisabeth Reynods standing next to her with a mug of coffee in her hands. “Bess, you must have read my mind.”

Reynolds smiled as she passed the warm mug over to the Commander-in-Chief before she sipped on the other mug she was holding. “We’re not going to be leaving this bunker anytime soon, so we’re going to need all the caffeine they’ve got stored down here.”

Smiling further at the light-hearted comment, Littlejohn took a taste as she returned her gaze at the screen.

“It’s funny,” Reynolds said in between sips, “when we ran a few years ago – I never once imagined we would be witnesses to this.”

Nodding in agreement, Littlejohn remained focused on the screens. “When it was passed through Parliament and the Senate about our manned deep space exploration programme, I never thought we would have an empire trying to destroy us so early on.”

“Were we wrong? Should we have listened to the Vulcans more?” Reynolds asked.

Littlejohn looked back at her VP, “Absolutely not.” She shook her head slightly and answered in hush tones so no-one else heard.

Reynolds smirked slightly and both women looked back at the screen. Littlejohn was happy that Reynolds had been able to make it to this bunker. There were several like it dotted around Earth for government officials to use to ensure the continuation of government if something terrible went wrong. Reynolds, only a few years younger than her had short blonde hair bobbed under her chin and dark blue eyes. Before being the Vice President of the UEC, she had held the office of Prime Minister of Mars. Many had believed that Littlejohn had asked her to join the ticket to ensure the Mars vote went in her favour which in result would ensure support from many of the other colonies in the Sol system. Reynolds past had a mixture of military and political elements too. After attending university, she had served a few years in the Martian National Guard before being asked to teach as a political science and ethics teacher at McKay University, Mars. She was later asked to run as a senator for Mars, which she successful won. After a few years in the UEC Senate she moved back to Mars and joined the Parliament of the Confederated Martian Colonies. Her party won an election and she was made the Prime Minister. After six years as the PM, she joined the Littlejohn ticket as the VP candidate. Since then she had become a valuable member of the administration.

On one of the screens before the two women, read ‘Tactical Cartography’ and had a bird’s eye view of the asteroid belt, Mars, Earth and Luna colonies with the two fleets fighting it. A beep came from it before new readings appeared from the Romulan lines.

“What’s that?” Littlejohn wondered aloud.

Reynolds looked further as Vice Admiral Black and Secretary Campbell joined them. Black quickly answered the president’s question. “Madam President, that’s another wing of Romulan fighters launching.”

“They’re persistent with their assault, aren’t they?” Campbell rhetorically asked. She looked to Littlejohn, “Lydia, isn’t it time we activated the defence grids and begin fighting back more?”

Littlejohn sighed heavily. She had avoided activating the defence grids in fear of an allied craft being hit by it. Admiral Black had strongly advised not bringing the multiple orbital manned stations online yet. A number of these stations were equipped with pulse phase cannons and photonic torpedo launchers. Each one crewed by two Starfleet officers. Along with the space-based defence network, there were the verteron arrays that were installed planet-side on Earth, Mars and Luna. And if all of that failed, Earth’s old missile silos from the third world war had been upgraded and re-stocked.

“Let’s do it.” Littlejohn said as she watched for a few more seconds the Romulans unleashing more smaller sub-light ships.

General Casey stepped forward to a nearby console and started to tap directives into it. He brought up the activation system. “Madam President, it requires authorisation from yourself followed by confirmation from either the Vice President or the Defence Secretary alongside the Joint Chief of Staff.”

“I’ve got Fleet Admiral Hathaway back up.” Reported Vice Admiral Black, who had gone to another console and had established a video link with the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief and recently appointed Joint Chief of Staff.

“Madam President, are you sure you wish to bring our defence network online now?” Hathaway asked immediately.

“Absolutely Admiral.” Littlejohn replied as she approached the station that Casey had been working on. Pulling out of the pocked on the inside of her suit jacket, she took out the small piece of plastic card that had her clearance codes on them. She pressed her left hand against the hand scanner and the computer beeped awaiting her response to provide the activation codes. “Confirm, Sierra-Tango-One-Nine-Six-Six.” She said as she read from the small card in her hand.

As Defence Secretary Vaderbilt had yet to arrive, Vice President Reynolds pulled out her card containing her clearance codes. She approached the station that the president was at and pressed her hand against the other scanner. After it beeped at her she read from her card. “Confirm, Bravo-Foxtrot-two-zero-zero-three.”

“Confirmation codes accepted.” replied Hathaway. “The defence network will be active momentarily. I’ll send the signal to the fleet to be aware ma’am.”

“Thank you admiral.” Littlejohn replied with. She looked at Reynolds and gave her a single look that just read: I goddamn hope I was right.


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