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My Life Aboard ship; Part 1

Posted on Saturday September 14th, 2019 @ 8:01pm by

Mission: Whatever The Cost May Be
Location: The Starship Kusanagi
Timeline: Early in Ryan's career

Ensign Marcus Ryan was in his quarters, as he usually was, working on a project for Captain Donaldson. Though he rarely took his work 'home with him', this project could make or break his career. He was studying Jupiter's Big Red Spot for Starfleet's Science Division. Despite the fact that scientists had been doing it for nearly 100 years, there were still things they didn't know about it. Mainly why it had been going for about 2000 years without stopping. He was close to an answer or so he thought when the ship shook violently.

"All officers to their posts, now!!!" came Captain Donaldson's voice over the com. And Ryan took off to the science lab, his primary duty post. He reported for duty when his superior told him that the captain had requested his presence on the bridge so he went there quickly.

Once he made it to the bridge, he stopped after getting off the turbolift and looked around at the officers there, most of whom were twice his age. Stopping at Captain Todd Donaldson, he said, "You requested my presence, sir?"

"Yes Ensign Ryan, please take the science station," Donaldson said with a smile.

"Yessir," he said happily. "Where is Commander Steele?"

"She's out with the flu, Ensign."

"Very good, sir," he said after he assumed the post and familiarized himself with the station's arrangement, which was different from his Academy training.

"Need help, Ensign?" Commander Brock asked the young ensign. He knew that Ryan had never seen the bridge before and walked over to his side from the Tactical post.

"No, Commander, I think I have everything under control thank you," Ryan replied with a smile.

"Very good, Ensign," Brock said as he walked over to the captain's chair. Leaning in to the captain she whispered, "Are we sure he's capable of handling this?"

"I'm sure. Commander Steele wouldn't have put him in charge of the data analysis is he wasn't, Commander," Donaldson said.

End of First Part...


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