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The Next Morning

Posted on Thursday September 12th, 2019 @ 1:13am by Lieutenant Brantley Davison MD

Mission: Whatever The Cost May Be
Location: Vulcan Forest, Overlooking Mount Seleya
Timeline: Sept. 26th, 2155

"She knows we can't actually be in a relationship, doesn't she?" he asked Losea'a's granddaughter, L'ral. "I mean, I do find you very attractive, but it's not exactly like relations between Earth and Vulcan are at their best, and I don't know how the Vulcan High Command would take to an interspecies relationship between a human and a Vulcan. Hell, I don't even know if the species are compatible."

"Honestly, I don't know what she really thinks. Besides, I'm not sure how Earth's fleet commanders would respond to it either," L'ral responded, then turned her gaze to Mount Seleya. It was by pure mistake Losea'a had met the human at this sacred spot, well sacred to her family, but she had to assume fate had some hand in it. "You aren't so bad looking yourself, well, that is for a human."

"At least we can sit here and enjoy the sun come up and set the mountain on fire," he said pointing to the cliffs on Mount Seleya. "We don't have anything like this on Earth. It's absolutely breathtaking."

"It's nice to see the wonder in your eyes. Most of us don't even look. It's just another place on this planet that reminds us of our past," L'ral said.

"That's really sad," he said. It's a natural wonder, and for your species to not see it for that, just kind of feels... like a loss."

"It is," she said, leaning in and placing her head on his shoulder. Instinctively, he wrapped his arm around her. So much for worrying about an interspecies relationship. He didn't know how far it could go, or how long it could last, especially with the war going on. Hell, he could be kicked out of the fleet medical program for what he was doing... and he wasn't even doing anything wrong. "Did she suffer, at the end?" L'ral asked.

"Kanar?" he responded. "No, she was completely at ease sharing her final thoughts with me via a mind-meld. She was thinking of this spot, and the past, when she was younger than either of us." He gave her a reasuring squeeze. It was that very moment he decided, the fleet be damned. If L'ral wanted to be in a relationship with him, he'd entertain it, for however long it could last. "Meld minds with me," he said to her. She looked at him with a confused glare in her eyes. "Go on, meld minds with me." They sat there in silence, sharing their entire lives with each other, silently. Neither realized Losea'a was watching them, a broad smile on her face.


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