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Reliant, Resilient.

Posted on Thursday September 12th, 2019 @ 11:31pm by Lieutenant JG Nir Giorgiou
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Mission: Whatever The Cost May Be
Location: Battle of Sol; the Eris Gap
Timeline: Battle of Sol; December 30th, 2155.

He felt warmth. He felt peace. His touch brushed the shiny smooth of Spathiphylla, long fingers passing their leaves over. Air circulated and rustled the stiff fronds of Areca Palm against his bare leg, bare feet to warm stone- red stone- iron oxide and basalt. The product of millions of years of Martian geologic time.

In the thin light of the Martian sun blazed across a warm gray, dim sky, Nir Giorgiou smiled. His favorite poet's read like script in his mind. He could recite it as easily he could the passages of the Qu'ran. Through the hazy radiance, through the stony night, let me plunge my hand and, in me, like a bird held prisoner for a thousand years, let the heart of those long forgotten palpitate.

Nir heard bird wings flutter and looked up at the swaying branches that had held the small thrush. It's shadow passed overheard and he meant to follow it's course with a sweep of his head cast up.

He stared into the craggy, desiccated red rock walls of Noctis Labyrinthis: It's rock became pebbles, then became sand and finally, the floury fesh-fesh of Martian soil that caked beneath the toes and clung to every patch of peach fuzz on a body. A billion years of whisper-like wind in the thin atmosphere could beat rock faces down the same as the monsoons of the American Southwest which his home resembled. It simply needed more time.

Nir felt the fine as ground cinnamon Martian earth blow across his skin: over the arc of his naked hip, through the gap of his thighs, around and past his fingers, arms and ribcage. He could feel the breeze especially at his forehead and temple, and again on his chin, like it were caressing him. In his ears he heard a heart pounding. It was pounding hard. It was pounding faster. Faster. Arrhythmic.

Nir knitted his brows as the peace washed out with fear. The warmth concentrated. He felt a searing touch at his ribs and flinched away from it. And again in his shoulder and arm- through it, down his arm. He gasped pain as he felt the red, nutmeg colored world spin. The dim, warm gray sky hazed as Nir's eyes focused. "Our minds are merging, Ensign." It sounded so distant.

Subcommander T'na stopped the spin, holding the boy's face. "Ensign." She said it with a voice so clear and so without an echo it was eerie. "Our minds are one. You must focus. Follow me." Nir nodded in her grasp, even as he felt his chest... almost a plural feeling... tighten.

Nir gasped, heaving breath.

It was dark with flickers of orange, his eyes wide and terrified as his deep intake lifted his ribs and back off the deckplates. T'na hovered above him, a green, moldered looking cut and spidering bruise across her temple, and again on her cheek and ear. The searing pain was real- it throbbed with his heartbeat and felt like every motion put a live wire to him. He looked at his shoulder and side to see it singed and black with blood. The air tasted noxious, like plastic, charred metal and ozone, like a thousand struck matches.

"Subcommander?" He croaked high, his voice cracking. She nodded once as his panic welled up in his chest, stifling his breathing. It hurt to breathe.

"We must go," she instructed. Vulcans always seemed a little gangling to Nir. He'd heard they were very strong but he'd never seen any evidence of it. That is, until T'na grabbed him by his good arm and hoisted him up. His legs felt gelatinous and numb under him and he wobbled. Nir looked around- the red flashing light of tactical alert had shifted to blue. The orange in his peripheral was fire. He coughed at seeing it.

Blue. What did blue mean? His brain felt as pudding like and unresponsive as his legs did. "Subcommander?" He managed out again, in a slightly different tone. She approached, watching him visibly wince, pulling his burned shoulder and ribcage against one another.

She took his hand- his good hand- and opened it. She put her fingers in it, two of them and pressed down. "Imagine your pain as an ocean. The ocean is tumultuous, Ensign. It is stormy."

"Wuh-what?" Nir tried to concentrate on her words. His head throbbed.

"Concentrate, Ensign. Close your eyes and feel the ocean. It is tumultuous. Your boat is being cast around." She drew close- he could smell the sweetness on her breath as it puffed against his cheek. Her voice was utterly calm and without echo. Nir tried- he pictured a boat and a gray ocean, "You can control the ocean, Ensign. Picture it calming. Picture it reducing. The waves obey your command. You have the power to make them calm. Smooth. Your. Ocean." She raised her hand and touched a finger to Nir's temple and chin. "It is calming... picture the ocean like glass."

Nir closed his eyes and opened them slowly. His pain was much less. Like an ache from an overworked muscle he hadn't used in awhile. "How did you do that?" He asked, his eyes searching hers with astonishment. She didn't answer but took his hand and tugged him away from what was left of the helm and tactical consoles.

"Cuh-Commander wait, what happened?" Nir tried. He started to pull his hand away when he felt the mental barrier break.

He remembered.

"Stay on them, Nir, stay on them!" Captain Niraj Booshan growled, his dark eyes following the muscle memory flurry of the boy's fingers to his right. Nir recognized the evasive- Alpha Three, or whatever the Romulan equivalent term was. A round banking maneuever, juttering speed and heading just enough to confused tactical sensors. "We're at 11,800 kilometers," Nir reported. He eyed the chunk of ice the Romulan was trying to flush them toward.

"T'na, fire torpedoes! Nir, hard bank, set course back for the Shepard!" Nir's hands made a hard shift of their position as two torpedoes chased down the green craft with the wing-emblazoned underbelly.

"Yessir, course 178 mark 343, full impulse." The boy said.

An explosion rocked the other side of the black-blue Kuiper object the Romulan was trying to escape around. But Reliant didn't bank over and around the other side: it flipped end over end like a pole vaulter and with a hard flare of it's redirected impulse drives, the small Delta-class used it's pivot to burn hard back to the Gap. No sooner than they did that a bolt of rippling green passed behind them where the Romulan thought they should be. A second later, it emerged.

"T'na, aft torpedo, fire!" Another missile careened toward the Romulan and exploded straight through it- just as the Romulan sensed its mistake and tried to cloak. It's silhouette erupted in yellow then green, listed and partially exploded into halves.

"Target is destroyed," T'na reported in her inflection-less Vulcan brogue.

The stars and the glisten of ice swung hard in the direction of the small picket fleet, whilst from the white-blue ice of Eric, a smoldering black series of craters sputtered sparks and icy fumes. It was what was left of Eris Station. Arcing below was the listing shape of another Delta-class, its frazzled trinagular hull and one remaining nacelle scorched black. Small white pods hovered around it like baby fish.

"Captain," Nir's brows furrowed under his coils of hair, "The Hawking is under heavy attack by Romulan forces, bearing 056 mark 011."


Two swooping green Romulan shapes pelted the lobed missile-shape of the Discovery-class ship. One blew through her back, and largely dissipated, the other fired for the bow nose which erupted in a cloud of plasma and an explosion. The ship listed into the chin-blow, it's nacelles flickering and fighting to stay on.

"Nir, pursuit course on the closest. T'na, fire at will." Nir nodded as the gray hull of the Seattle rode high on the screen, then banked after the Hawking's second attacker. Seattle fired off a pair of torpedoes, one which missed, the other rupturing the Romulan's warp nacelle before it wavered into the blackness with it's cloak. A stream of green hinted at where it was and the Seattle didn't veer off.

T'na's tactical sculled urgently, "Captain, we have an anomalous energy signature bearing 161 mark 332. It is a Romulan Bird of Prey. They are at 15,400 kilometers." The ship shook violently. The deckplates shudders as power flickered and the stars began to streak.

"Captain that was a direct hit on starboard nacelle," Nir said urgently. The Reliant quaked again and the consoles near the situation table ruptured in sparks and fire. Cables dangled overhead. "The ship shuddered under them, quaking like the ship was going over moguls of terrain. "That last shot just took out the starboard impulse manifold! We have hull breaches on Deck C through F in sections 3 through 12.

"Engineering to Bridge! We're venting drive plasma down here! There's a coolant leak in the starboard injectors. I'm initiating an emergency core shut down!"

"Nir, make your course 090 mark 170!" The Captain said over the loud shuttering down of the ship.

Nir nodded, his face passing through a thick, acrid tasting haze from the rear fire. He heard the handheld extinguishers trying to put it down. The stars on screen veered hard down and to the side as a flash of green ebbed with pulsing light by them.

"Engineering to Bridge, we've been able to disengage the warp core, but we're a mess down here! We've only got auxiliary power and the batteries!"

"Captain hull integrity in the starboard side is degrading. Emergency bulkheads have only responded in approximately eighty percent of the affected sections," T'na reported.

"Understood, Nir what can you give-"

The Bridge exploded in a flash of green that encompassed the screen. Nir felt heat and then cold- and then something heavy hitting him in the shoulder. He heard someone grunt his name and he was shoved. He looked up in time to see his face careening into one of the bank of consoles. He staggered to try and stop it- he impacted and the world swam. It went red and then black crept over.

Then Nir had woken up. Someone must have called for an evacuation alert, but he didn't know who. Had T'na? Engineering? If it was Engineering, what didn't they know?
"Ensign it is imperative we leave. This vessel is disabled and we are an open target for both destruction or boarding action."

Nir's dark eyes stared at the Bridge, trying not to fixate on the bodies of the men and women who died at their posts when the Bridge was disabled. Especially he felt pain- and swamping guilt- when he looked at what was left of the Helm and Tactical bank. Under there, somewhere, was Captain Booshan. He didn't feel like he could do this. He ached. He wanted to panic. He wanted to kill. He wanted to hide. But what was really dominating was the third Human instinct- to freeze.

"We must go, Ensign," T'na urged, grasping his arm. She moved for a wall panel and tapped at it. It sprang open and she retrieved the two phase pistols inside. She offered it out to Nir who took it in his off-hand reluctantly. Despite the awkwardness, he felt the power of being armed shake him out of his freeze response. "Can you climb?" She eyed his wounded shoulder and ribs.

He blinked. "I don't think I hah-have much choice, Ma'am," he admitted. His eyes closed, his lips moving, "'Iilhi hu Allah alruhmun alrahim, wa Muhamad hu nabih al'akhir," he whispered. My God is Allah the Merciful, and Mohammad is his final Prophet.

"Perhaps I should go first due to your injuries," the Vulcan woman stated. Nir nodded agreement, the pit of his stomach hollowing.

"I'll try not to fall on you, Ma'am," Nir murmured pensively, his dark eyes on the open, black crawlspace that was their only escape. Nir looked back at the blocked and burnt out husk of the turbolift. When he looked back, the Armory Officer was descending into the blackness. Nir swallowed hard. And he went next.


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