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The same road that failed you...

Posted on Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 11:08pm by Captain Oliver Campbell

"Captain's star-log, Monday twenty-sixth of January, twenty-one-fifty-six.

It's been almost three days since the victory over the Romulans at Deneva. Using the word victory seems pointless though as the cost to us was a high one. The price for freedom is one that the Romulans are truly making difficult to achieve. Endeavour, just like every other ship in the battle group, lost a lot of good people and that does not include those who were injured. The Canberra had shipped those who need urgent medical care back to Earth. The relief task group arrived yesterday morning and Endeavour has been ordered to Starbase One in the Berengaria system. We will receive repairs there, pick up more crew and be given our next orders. I only hope we are able to get back on to the frontlines to avenge those that have fallen.

On one note though, I truly hope the Romulans have realised we mean business when we stick our necks on the line. We won't go down without making a lot of noise and trouble for them!"


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