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Taking On A New Role

Posted on Thursday October 24th, 2019 @ 11:22pm by

Well, my new Captain just dropped a bombshell on me; I'm not only his science officer but also his First Officer. I'm still in shock about the whole thing for a number of reasons. I have absolutely no command experience outside of being a department head. Most of the crew still didn't know about my appointment and I'm sure that many of them would have concerns about it. Hell, I still have many concerns and need to speak with the captain about them, but not yet. I don't want him to see his new First Officer had doubts about his choice, at least not yet. So for now, I will let him think he made the right choice.

I'm going to have to speak with a few crew members soon and gauge their responses about him. I know I need to check in with my new staff and get to know them as well. While I know their names, I've never met any of them and am not well-versed with their abilities and skill sets. My assistant chief, Lieutenant Jessifer Baker, was a well trained social scientist from Columbia University though why he would choose a life in Starfleet and not a safe research job back on Earth is beyond me.

I have a senior Astrophysicist by the name of Lieutenant, junior grade Wallace Storm. He too was extremely well trained and was also from a major university namely MIT. I always wondered what would make people from these schools go into a dangerous job like Starfleet, especially in time of war. But I suppose I could wait to ask them that until we win this one, if we do then the question will be moot.

So thus far, I need to meet with my staff and a few of the crew members on the ship. I also need to make a stop at Sick Bay to have my pre-flight physical done. I want to have a sit down with the Captain Campbell about our first mission. Boy, is my plate going to be full for quite some time now. I suppose I should get started.


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