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Floating in the Dark

Posted on Saturday September 14th, 2019 @ 3:58pm by Lieutenant JG Nir Giorgiou

Personal Log. It's December 30th, 2155 on the Earth Calendar. I didn't realize it in the rush to get to Eris but my Sister's birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Ao. If you're still alive. If anyone is still alive. Rahimah Allah.

I don't.... I don't remember how we got off the ship. To be honest. The last hour's been really confusing. I thought I was at home... and then T'na came. Then the Bridge was on fire and everything was shaking. And we... I know we had to go but from there I don't remember much. Just flashes of things. T'na and I got separated.


I... remember weapons fire. Not on ships, I mean, but in the corridors. I think we were boarded. But it was so dark I couldn't see them. And whatever their language was, the UT wasn't picking it up. I don't remember seeing a face. We fired and ran to the... shuttlebay I think? Or was it a cargo bay?

I don't remember.


I don't remember anything more except now, I mean, starting now.

We're floating in the dark on minimal power. For all we know, we're officially in Romulan space now. We're trying to present as little of a target as possible but that means we'd be hard for rescuers to spot too. We're risking half-hour sensor pings and SOS, then making a course change.

Mmm, wait I guess... I guess this is one of the shuttles. I guess that means we got to the shuttlebay somehow. But I don't recognize some of the faces on it. Rahimah Allah.

My head and neck are killing me. Whatever T'na did on the Bridge or... on... Mars? Wherever. It's wearing off. People keep trying to get me to eat something. I'm not hungry. What I'd really love would be a cocktail of pain killers, a few hours in Decon and another couple with that freaky tissue re-generator the Doc has.

... I wonder what's left. Rahimah Allah.


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