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Bridge   The Bridge, located on A Deck, is the area where all commands are made and carried out.
Captain's Ready Room   The Captain’s Ready Room is located on A Deck and connected to the bridge on the starboard side via a small corridor.
Engineering   Engineering is on D Deck and is the heart of the ship’s power system.
Sickbay   On E Deck is Sickbay, the main medical facilities onboard the ship.
Armoury   The Armoury can be found on F Deck and is the ship’s main storage facilities for all ordnance equipment.
Airlock   Airlocks are located on A and E decks and are used when the ship is docked with another ship or station.
Captain’s Quarters   The captain's private living space
Chief Science Officer's Quarters   The private living space for the chief science officer.
Chief Engineer's Quarters   The private living space for the chief engineer
Chief Armoury Officer's Quartesr   Private living quarters for the chief armoury officer
Chief Medical Officer's Quarters   The private room for the chief medical officer.
Chief Communication's Officer   Private room for the chief communication's officer
Chief Helm Officer's Quarters   Private living space for the chief helm officer
Junior Officer's Quarters   Quarters for the junior officers
Enlisted Crewmembers Quarters   The bunk room for the enlisted crew members
Brig   Security holdings on the ship
Cargo Bays   Largest storage facilities on the ship
Launch bays   The home for the ship's auxiliary crafts
Decontamination Chamber   The isolation room on the ship.
Transporter bay   The teleportation device
Conference room   A place to meet
Mess Hall   A place to eat