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Their Finest Hour

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Starfleet receives a distress call from Kreetassa, the homeworld of the Kreetassans, who were attacked by the Romulans. Endeavour is sent with the Deputy Secretary of State to provide assistances. They arrive in time to find the Kreetassan fleet in shambles and their homeworld devastated. It is down to the Endeavour’s crew to provide as much assistance as they can to the survivors. While there they attempt to convince the Kreetassans to join the fight on the side of humanity. The entire situation is complicated further by the strict and complex social codes the Kreetassans observe.

Mission Group The Romulan War - 2156
Start Date Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 10:47pm
End Date Saturday February 29th, 2020 @ 10:47pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
End of the comfort zone
by Captain Oliver Campbell & Corporal Fynn Trommler
Monday 26th January 2156 Endeavour NX-06, en route to Starbase 1
Return of the Chief
by Master Chief Petty Officer Nami Chang & Captain Oliver Campbell & Lieutenant Commander Marcus Ryan DSci
Before the Battle of Deneva, Present Bridge
Every sunset...
by Captain Oliver Campbell
Monday 26th January 2156 Bridge, Endeavour NX-06

Mission Summary

Main storyline:
Helping the Kreetassans recover from the attack and attempting to persuade them to join the Coalition of Planets.

1) Help with repairs to Kreetassan ships;
2) Helping the Kreetassan’s power up their moon base verteron cannons (3 in total);
3) Rescuing stranded survivors that abandoned their ships in lifeboats during the Romulan attack;
4) Deal with the Kreetassan leadership

The crew dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of Deneva.

1) Each player to write a post that is set from the previous mission that deals with the devastating and costly victory at Deneva.
2) Each player to undertake at least one joint post with another player.
3) Each player to choose if they want to remain on the ship in rescuing the stranded survivors, repairing Kreetassan ships or visiting the moon base.

1) Players/Characters getting to know each other (OOC: this includes style of writing).
2) The continued impact of the war on characters.