Their Finest Hour

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Starfleet receives a distress call from Kreetassa, the homeworld of the Kreetassans, who were attacked by the Romulans. Endeavour is sent with the Deputy Secretary of State to provide assistances. They arrive in time to find the Kreetassan fleet in shambles and their homeworld devastated. It is down to the Endeavour’s crew to provide as much assistance as they can to the survivors. While there they attempt to convince the Kreetassans to join the fight on the side of humanity. The entire situation is complicated further by the strict and complex social codes the Kreetassans observe.

Part of The Romulan War - 2156

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Whatever The Cost May Be

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Before they were the crew on the Endeavour, they were assigned elsewhere and the biggest fight for humanity has started. Each member of the crew will share their experiences of the worst part of the conflict so far: the Battle of Sol.

Part of The Romulan War - 2156

The Long And Hard Road

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The crew finally comes together on board the Endeavour, however there is not time to celebrate the official launch of the ship as she is quickly sent into battle. The ship is assigned to help defend Deneva, one of Earth’s colonies, from the Romulans.

Part of The Romulan War - 2156