Departments & Positions

  • Command (Primary Manifest)

    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.

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  • Helm (Primary Manifest)

    Responsible for the navigation and flight control of a vessel and its auxiliary craft, the Helm division includes pilots trained in both starship and auxiliary craft piloting.

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  • Armoury (Primary Manifest)

    Merging the responsibilities of ship to ship and personnel combat into a single department, the armoury division is responsible for the tactical readiness of the vessel and the security of the ship.

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  • Engineering (Primary Manifest)

    The engineering division has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything. Engineering has oversight over all ship operations, including the non-technical based (e.g.: logistical support, galley, etc.).

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  • Science (Primary Manifest)

    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science division is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

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  • Medical (Primary Manifest)

    The medical division is responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to helping a crew member deal with the loss of a loved one.

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  • Communications (Primary Manifest)

    The Communications department is responsible for the operation of the Starfleet's communications systems. On many ships the Communications department is simply amalgamated with Operations; it is often only on Flagships (where a large amount of communications traffic can be received in a very short space of time) and Starbases (where there is an extremely large amount of communications traffic at almost all times).

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  • MACO Detachment (Primary Manifest)

    When the standard security detail is not enough, MACOs come in and clean up; the MACO detachment is a powerful tactical addition to any ship, responsible for partaking in personal combat from sniping to melee.

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  • Civilians

    Civilians play an important role in Starfleet. Many civilian specialists across a number of fields work on occasion with Starfleet personnel as a Mission Specialist. In other cases, extra ship and station duties, such as running the ship's lounge, are outsourced to a civilian contract.

  • Guests (Primary Manifest)

    The ship is frequently visited by guests.

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