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Lieutenant Commander Marcus Ryan

Name Marcus Alan Ryan DSci

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Marcus is a powerful man of above average height as well as weight. He is odd for his race (Latin) as he has blue eyes. Other than these qualities, he is a handsome man of Spanish descent with the natural Latin qualities. His skin is a dark caramel and his hair is black as night.


Spouse None
Children Ryan has been adopted by a "mated" pair of albino ferrets named Nyx and Erebus. Let it be said that this pair of ferrets are both male. It is unknown if ferrets exhibit homosexual tendencies so it is highly likely that the term 'mated' may be overstating the case and the may just be bonded.
Father Commander Roberto Ryan
Mother Lieutenant Commander Mariah Ryan
Brother(s) Scott Ryan
Other Family None known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan is a very reserved person crew. This has begun to change in the past eight or so years, but it still takes him time to get used to new people, and ESPECIALLY to trust them. He is quiet a great deal of the time, until he decides to trust someone… and then he opens up the other part of himself. The part that is flamboyant, constantly challenging (whether in Chess, in work, or anything else they might both do at the same time), and somewhat of a jokester (though his sense of humor is very dry).
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths : Ryan is extremely intelligent owing to his background in Science, he also has a flair for diplomacy and he is a flamboyant in his nature and constantly challenging.

Weaknesses: Ryan is an extremely reserved person who is not easy to get to know, he had walls built up in himself that he either is unable or unwilling to tear down though this has begun to change in the past few years. He is also very uncomfortable discussing his homosexuality
Ambitions He has completed all of his ambitions except for one: he has yet to gain a command position on a starship. This is odd for his vocation but it is nonetheless his primary ambition.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys playing Chess and reading science texts. He is a very cerebral person and in his off-time he enjoys being alone. He does enjoy spending time with his friends though the number of people he chooses to call friends is dwindling as the years go by. He also enjoys playing his violin which is an original Stradivarius. He also has a pair of albino ferrets with whom he spends quite a bit of his off duty time. Their names are Nyx and Erebus. Though they are both males, Ryan considers them a 'mated pair'.

Personal History Commander Robert and Lieutenant Commander Mariah Ryan were both Starfleet, assigned to duty stations on Earth; Robert was a Commander who never quite made Captain, and was given administrative duties at Starfleet Headquarters, and Mariah was a Lt. Commander in charge of in processing at the Academy, even though they lived at their traditional family home in Madrid. He grew up as a member of a small family, with his parents, and an older brother and yet never had problems receiving love, affection, or attention from his parents. He learned to ride horses at a young age, and was classically trained in the violin. Though his brother decided to go his own way, Marcus Alan wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and join Starfleet, though he longed for Starship duty rather than any kind of desk job. And so he worked hard, getting as good a grades as he could in high school, staying with sports to keep him physically fit (though he never really took a liking to any of them), and doing everything he could to get into the Academy. With the help of his mother and father, he managed to get in a year after his high school graduation, where he set out upon the first steps to the greatest adventure he would ever know.

Starfleet Academy, for him, was actually not so bad. He made friends quickly, worked well with others, and discovered many of his true life's interests there, including music. He also began to grow up a bit more; as a kid, he was always shy around strangers, but here he began to get more outgoing, and grow to like and trust people more easily. Finally, he discovered his true love was for the field of science… specifically (but not limited to), the sciences surrounding the makeup of all things, both living and nonliving… and so he continued down the career path of the Blue uniform, intending fully to become one of the great Science Officers of his day. Graduating quickly and was immediately assigned to the Brahe NE-10, a Sarajevo-type observation vessel exploring along the fringes of known space, but always staying within the known borders. Three years of this, however, was more boredom than he could take, but he did his duties, and did them well, but because of the assignment actually maintained much of his naivety about life in Starfleet. Thankfully, he did his duties well, and was granted a new assignment in something slightly more exciting this time. The primary border patrol ship for Starbase 1: the Tuarus.

Arriving at the same time as his new commander, Captain Morgan Wilson, and on the same shuttle, in fact, Alan learned many of the intricate details of the history and legacy of his ship. The term "coast guard," the legacy of her name "Tuarus," and many other such things… things that would have bored a normal man of his young age. For Alan, he grew fond of his new commander, and believed that this assignment would be the best of his life. He even learned, on the shuttle ride over, the intricacies of Chess, and found he had quite a flair for, as it turned out. The captain also felt a certain liking for the young officer, and over the next two weeks intended fully to help his career excel in any way that he could. Unfortunately, two weeks was all they had before a run-in with a Romulan ship which killed Captain Wilson.

His next assignment was aboard the Starship Kusanagi where he was named Chief Science Officer for the first time. He began to learn how to run a department and delegate duties, run labs and other such minutae, which he found extremely pleasing. He also enjoyed the meetings and other things that a senior officer was required to attend. He was in love with this new chapter in his life including his newer captain. for making him the CSciO.

These experiences wearied the now 31 year old man, and so Starfleet, understanding, granted him a one year Personal Leave period to relax and calm himself. But once he was back, his new Captain, Captain Elizabeth Rhymer would not just let him sit idly by. With not much experience under his belt, Captain Rhymer saw the perfect opportunity for Alan to get promoted. She made the young man her Second Officer and that turned out to be one of the most important moves in Ryan's life. Taking to his new duties with a fierceness that he had never before known, Ryan soon made a name for himself as the second officer from hell.

Many of his fellow crewmates named him among their friends as a whole chapter in his life began to open. He was pulled out of the shell he had built for himself though far too slowly. He still remained locked within himself for many of the crew. But he was beginning to open up, though far to slowly for even himself. He excelled at both jobs for a handful of years until Starfleet came calling again. He would come to find out the his new assignment would be aboard the newest NX-class starship, the Endeavour. This would be his first assignment on board an NX-class ship though and he may not be ready for it but he sure would try his damndest to make up for this lack of knowledge with even more enthusiasm and experience in his given field of study. He also has recently been granted his DSci in Large Bore Cosmology by the University of Madrid, which is where his family resides. He received this news while he was having a meeting of his science staff and along with Ryan, they were all pleased to hear this announcement.
Service Record Starship Brahe Sarajevo-type science vessel) where he was relegated to scanning nebulae and other such things. Ensign rank.

Starship Taurus (Daedalus-class starship) where his duties included more exciting in ha eyes but he was more pleased with this ship than his last. Though the exciting was cut short as his captain was killed by a Romulan ship. Lieutenant, jg rank.

Starship Kusanagi (Daedulus-class cruiser) He was named the Second Officer under the advisement of his CO from him previous ship. and named Chief Science Officer as well under the advisement of his previous CO and excelled at both jobs for the next few years. Lieutenant rank.

Starship Endeavour (NX-class explorer) He would be named both First Officer as well as Chief Science Officer under the auspices of Captain Oliver Campbell.