Ensign George Leclerc

Name George Tobias Leclerc

Position Second Engineer

Rank Ensign


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Saturday March 21st, 2020 @ 11:43pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8
Weight 163 Ilbs
Hair Color Light brown with blonde highlights
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Even though he isn't as tall as most people, George is extremely well-built. Playing rugby and soccer at a young age has kept him interested in being active. Since then he prefers to stay fit and healthy by keeping himself occupied in the outdoor sports and activities. He likes to do rope climbing and play tennis to maintain the proper balance and health of a body.


Spouse Ensign Jules Leclerc, Acting Chief Helm Officer, Endeavour NX-04
Father Ben Duncan
Mother Julia Duncan
Brother(s) Lucas Duncan

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very open person, George is extremely helpful and dedicated to his work. He is very meticulous and is always keen to see a project from the start to the end.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is very dependable, sometimes though he finds it difficult to say no and will end up placing too much on his plate that he can deal with. Nevertheless he has started to standup for himself.
Ambitions Eventually he wishes to be a chief engineer.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer

Personal History Born in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, George was an average student in all areas of the curriculum. His parents were both involved in local government in Bournemouth. Being the youngest, George normally followed his older brother, Lucas, in whatever he did. George and Lucas both shared similar interests in sports, but both differed in their favourite subjects at school. Lucas enjoyed history while George was interested in mathematics and the sciences. Eventually Lucas went off to study at university while George decided to pursue a career with Starfleet.

Being quite a social person, George became very popular with his tutor group at Starfleet Training Command. He did well in all areas of his work. He eventually fell in love with one of his classmates, Jules Leclerc. The two became inseparable, George had dated back when in he was a teenager but Jules was his first true love. Before their graduation, war was declared against the Romulan Star Empire. Not wanting to loose George, Jules proposed and the two were quickly married within a matter of days. After their graduation, they both applied to join the same ship: Endeavour.

Neither them had the opportunity to serve on the Endeavour before the Battle of Sol as their class were re-assigned to duties on Earth while the ship was constructed. When the Battle of Sol was over and the Endeavour had lost most of its crew, Captain Campbell pulled those that had not joined the ship and who were originally meant to join it on to the ship as a matter of urgency.
Service Record 2133-2151 - Civilian
2151-2155 - Starfleet Training Command - Cadet
2156- - Endeavour NX-06 - Ensign - Second Engineer