Lieutenant JG Hyeran Yamada

Name Hyeran Yamada

Position Third Science Officer

Second Position Chief Physicist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Sunday February 23rd, 2020 @ 4:04am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5’3”
Weight 102lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A slender Asian woman who appears quite delicate and appears rather aloof and clumsy. Hyeran actually has extreme good hand eye coordination and fine motor control, but tends to always be deep in thought about too many things at the same time, which causes her to not always look where she is going or to even forget that she is holding , lifting or moving something, and subsequently dropping it.

She looks far younger than even her young age, easily passing for a teenager or even a pre-teen due to her very thin build. Her skin is very light and her large eyes reveal an idealistic and curious mind.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Junichi Yamada, Killed during Xindi Attack
Mother Command Master Chief Nami Chang
Brother(s) Shingo Yamada, killed during Xindi attack
Sister(s) None
Other Family Lieutenant (JG) Minna Chang, Aunt (Maternal)

Lieutenant Etsuko Yamada, Aunt (Paternal)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hyeran is extremely curious, and crazy-smart. She graduated from high school at age 13 and by 20 had her Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University along with BS and MS degrees from Tokyo University with dual major of Physics and Mathematics.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eidetic memory and a savant-like facility with numbers. She can instantly calculate multi-variable equations of extreme complexity, in her head, without error and in many cases, in mere seconds.

She is also hyper-focused on whatever problem she is trying to solved, usually to the exclusion of all else, which is both a strength and a weakness.

She is also physically rather weak, despite her mother’s best efforts.
Ambitions Warp 9 and beyond.
Hobbies & Interests Violin, like her mother. Music was a constant from a very early age, and like her mother, Hyeran played violin at a very high level from a very young age. She was a member of the Tokyo Youth Symphony and while never a full-time working musician, she often augmented the Tokyo Symphony’s violin section for certain pieces she enjoyed. She also frequently played in the Seoul Symphony with her Aunt Minna, who was concert master and first violin until the Xindi attack on Florida.

Personal History Born in Tokyo in 2133, Hyeran proved herself something of a prodigy in both math and music from a very early age. She went through the Japanese school system at a vastly accelerated pace and by age 20 was a doctor of applied mathematics. When the Xindi attacked Florida, she, her aunt Minna and aunt Etsuko all joined Starfleet together, and all three received their direct commissions a year early when the Romulans attacked Sol.

2133. Born in Tokyo, Japan to a Japanese father and Korean mother
2142-2144. Graduated Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School
2144-2146. Graduated Tokyo University with dual BS in Physics and Mathematics
2146-2148. Graduated Tokyo University with dual MS in Physics and Mathematics
2148-2152. Research Scientist, Mitsubishi Propulsion Company
2152-2153. Graduated Harvard University, Ph.D in Applied Mathematics
Service Record 2153-2156. Starfleet Academy. Early graduation and commission at Lieutenant J.G. and assigned as 2nd SCI on USS Enterprise

2156-2156. USS Enterprise, Battle of Sol.

2156- Second Science Officer and Lead Mathematician, USS Endeavor, NX-06