Captain Thomas 'Tom' O'Brien

Name Thomas 'Tom' Miles O'Brien

Position Starbase One Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10" (1.77 m)
Weight 172 Ilbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall with broad shoulders, O’Brien’s face is more rounded in its shape. He has a defined muscular frame.


Father Edward O'Brien, engineer, UESPA
Mother Annie O'Brien, engineer, UESPA

Personality & Traits

General Overview O'Brien is a gifted engineer, something he learnt from his parents who encouraged him to enjoy taking things apart from an early age. He has a warm personality and is someone that understands people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Those who have served with him and under him have said he is a born leader and has natural diplomatic skills. Thomas finds it hard when he is fixing something to let it go, especially when he becomes frustrated with it. He needs to complete a project and see it through to the end.
Ambitions Thomas joined Starfleet after serving as a member of the Irish Naval Service, as he wanted to do something different and make a difference elsewhere. He had always dreamt of just being a chief engineer, but now he is a captain he enjoys the role as well.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer

Personal History Early Life
He grew up in in Mullingar, Ireland but when he was in his late teens, his parents moved to the USA to pursue their careers further. When he was 18 he returned to Ireland and took up a position in the Irish Naval Service as an enlisted crewmember. Over the years he became a proficient engineer and rose up through the ranks. By the time he reached the age of thirty, he was a lieutenant and chief engineer of one of Ireland's warships. Feeling he wanted to do more with his life, his parents suggested he apply to join Starfleet. So he did and loved every moment.

Early Career
Due to his previous military training and service in the Irish military, Starfleet was keen to take Tom's application further. He attended one year of intense training with the rank of a fourth-year cadet. While there he became close friends with one Oliver Campbell. Their friendship was born out of two things, one being how similar their backgrounds as Campbell was the only other person in O'Brien's class who was on the one-year intensive training course because of his previous background and experiences. During a heated exchange between them and their fellow cadets (those who had to do the four-year course who were resentful to them for a “free pass” into Starfleet), Campbell came to O’Brien’s defence and ended up punching the lead instigator. That action led to Campbell receiving a dressing-down by a senior instructor (even though they understood why he was provoked) and the two men soon became friends.

Arrow NCC-130
They went on to serve on the Arrow together for four years before Campbell was posted to the Poseidon. O’Brien had been his best man for both of his weddings. The two of them were more like brothers.

O'Brien remained on the Arrow, eventually becoming its chief engineer in 2152 with the rank of lieutenant commander. Halfway through the year he was asked if he would join the engineering corps who was responsible for the Starbase project. Liking the idea of building something in deep space, instead of repairing broken relays, he quickly accepted the role.

Starbase One
Being assigned to the Starbase Project was like a dream come true for the engineer. He was put in command of several teams to oversee the construction of the main components of the staircase after a design had been finalised. Two years later and another promotion, Starfleet gave him the role as the lead engineer of the assembling of the new base. Once Starfleet had picked a suitable star system to place the station (Berengaria VII) he would lead the engineers and technicians in putting all of the components together.

By mid-2155, Starbase One was activated and Starfleet decided to hand temporary command of the base to O'Brien. They felt at the time an engineer was needed to oversee the first twelve months to ensure that any technical difficulties could be dealt with quickly and swiftly. When war was declared with the Romulan Star Empire, Fleet Admiral Hathaway decided that she would make O'Brien the permanent base commander. In November 2155, he was made a captain.
Service Record - Civilian (2115-2133)
- Engineer, Irish Naval Service (2133-2146)
- Fourth Year Cadet (Advanced Training), Starfleet Training Command (2146)
- Second Engineer, Arrow (NCC-130) (2146-2152)
- Chief Engineer, Arrow (NCC-130) (2152)
- Deputy Construction Manager, Starbase Project (2152-2154)
- Lead Engineer and Construction Manager, Starbase One (2154-2154)
- Acting Commanding Officer, Starbase One (2154-2155)
- Commanding Officer, Starbase One (2155)