Captain Kiyoshi Shingoen

Name Kiyoshi Shingoen

Position MACO Detachment Commander

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kiyoshi certainly doesn’t look very imposing. He stands just 5’7” and weighs a mere 130 pounds, both measurements below the average for a human male. He wears his raven's wing black hair a bit longer than regulation, at least out in the field where such things are less important and his eyes are the color of freshly roasted coffee beans.

He looks more like an androgenous model than a man leading a MACCO detachment. At least a first glance. It has taken him a while, but he is superbly confident in his character and ability and he wears that confidence like a second uniform and anyone that spends more than a few minutes with him knows that he is no model.

Adding to the truism that appearances are deceiving is the fact that while he only weighs 130 pounds, he has less than 3% body fat and all his 130 pounds is lean muscle, and he is stronger than he looks.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Takeda Shingen 60
Mother Hisano Shingen 62
Brother(s) Benjiro 32, Takahiro 30

Sister(s) Reina 35, Tatsuo 23

Other Family Various aunts, uncles, and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kiyoshi grew up in a very traditional Japanese American family in San Francisco. His father teaches Japanese History at the University of San Francisco and his mother is a nurse. His childhood was not a happy one. Kiyoshi, which means He is pure, was originally born a girl and she was called Kiyoko which means a clean and pure child.

He knew from a very early age that there was something different about him. Nothing seemed to fit. He was a tomboy with no desire to wear makeup or play with dolls. When he played with other kids he always wanted to play the male part. It was not until he reached preadolescence that he realized that not only was he attracted to boys, he wanted to be one.

Because of his family's conservative views, he wasn’t allowed to transition until he was sixteen. It was a three-year process but in the end, he was much happier than before.

While he doesn't see violence as a first resort, he knows that it is sometimes necessary. There have been samurai in his family going all the way back to the first Takeda. The dynasty of the samurais died out in 1867, but their spirit lives on and it is one that Kiyoshi has embraced wholeheartedly While he does not use force as a first resort, he has no qualms in using it. He is more solider than explorer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kiyoshi is a very determined and driven young man. Once he makes a commitment he stays with it no matter how hard it might be. The other side of that strength is that he can be stubborn.

He is intuitive and tends to rely on instinct and his guts when assessing a situation. He’s not so adept at analysis and assessing data.

He is an excellent martial artist in both Iaido(Kendo) and Aikido. On the other hand, he is only average with a phase pistol or rifle.

He has an eidetic memory

He has intimacy issues and it’s not easy for him to let people get too close for him, even though that is what he wants.

Has issues when someone refers to him as a girl.

Ambitions On a personal level, he would like to make peace with and be accepted by his family He would also like to find true love. The end of the war would be nice too. From a professional standpoint, he would like to become a Colonel and retire to teach at the MACO Academy

Hobbies & Interests He likes poker, strategy games, cooking, free climbing and he sketches and paints He doesn’t really show his art around because it is rather dark.

Personal History The Shingen family first became famous in Japan in 1521, when the Samaura Takeda Shingen rose to power and helped to unite much of the country. The 22nd centurTaleda could proudly trace his lineage all the way back to the original Takeda. His father even named him after his famous ancestor. This was a source of pride to the modern Takeda. A pride he tried to pass on to his children.

There are no longer any Samurais in Japan any longer, but the Samurai spirit lives on at least in the Shingen family. Honor, integrity, dedication to duty and striving for perfection in everything that they do. This is the lesson that Takeda tried to instill in each of his five children.

Kiyoko was born on November 22, 2128, the fourth of the five children and the second daughter to be born to the growing and happy family. She was welcomed with open arms and everything appeared to be normal through her toddler years.

As she grew older that began to change. She had no desire to play with dolls or house or any of the traditional feminine activities. She didn’t like wearing dresses or skirts, put preferred pants and shirts. Everyone in the family, including her thought she was just going through a TomBoy phase and would eventually outgrow it. But that proved not to be the case. As she got older and started to become more self-aware, she knew that it was something else. Something deeper and permanent.

She just didn’t know what it was. As puberty approached, she became more frustrated at her failure to really connect with who she was, who she was supposed to be. Shortly after she turned twelve, the frustration which had been building for years turned into depression and she even attempted suicide a week before her thirteenth birthday, by taking an overdose of over the counter sleeping pills she’d gotten at a drug store.

Her parents took that as a wake-up call and did what they had been reluctant to do before, they got her counseling. It took the counselor, six months to get to the bottom of things and the results, while a relief for her, did not please her parents at all. Doctor Grey helped her discover that she was actually a he. And that he liked boys and not girls.

He changed his name to Kiyoshi and asked his parents to start using masculine pronouns to refer to him by. His father flat out refused to do so and his mother did so only when Takeda wasn’t around. While the majority of the world was tolerant, if not fully understanding, and his siblings were supportive, that was not the case with his parents.

Takeda refused to allow him to transition and he had to wait for the better part of two years before he became emancipated and could get the hormones and surgery.

The transition not only changed his life, but it saved it. Now that his body matched what he knew he was things his depression and anxiety went away.

Once he had adjusted to the new him, which took another year, he knew that he didn’t want to be average (0r normal). That he wanted his life to make a difference, on Earth and beyond. Starfleet seemed to be a solution for him, it would take him to the stars. But it was too tame for him. So a new idea came to him from Benjiro.

Honoring the warrior tradition of his ancestors he joined the Military Assault Command Operations. No one there knew of his past as a girl, or if they did, it didn’t bother them. While he lacked the brute strength of his mostly larger colleagues, he more than made up for it with his speed, agility, and martial arts training.

He is still estranged from his parents. After making several attempts at reconciliation he has given up on the idea.

He barely made it through his first year as a cadet. Part of that was because of the lingering effects of the transition process, but part of it was he had a new found freedom and for the first couple of year he developed something of a reputation for being a rake. He even experimented with women, but they just weren't to his tastes

It took him about eighteen months to come to the conclusion that he should start looking for Mister Right, rather than Mister Right. That doesn't mean that he has been perfect and not hooked up. He has, several times but those times have been few and far between

Service Record 2147-2152 MACO Academy
2152-2154 Star Base 1
2154-2156 SS Daedalus
2156-Present USS Endeavor