Lieutenant Mi-Na Ren

Name Mi-Na Ren

Position Chief Engineer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Monday October 7th, 2019 @ 9:37am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.72m (5’ 8”)
Weight 50 kg (111 lbs.)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Physically, Mina is a typical Human female specimen: average height, slender build, fair complexion, healthy features overall. Aesthetically, she is youthful and pleasing to the Human eye, if in a modest, rough-sketch kind of way… like a work of art that a master painter never quite got around to finishing. She has no time or interest for cosmetics, fashion, or much of anything that might enhance her appearance, and seems only moderately capable at managing basic grooming habits. She likes vintage clothing, and has a pair of sneakers that are allegedly over a hundred years old. Black is obviously her favorite color.


Father Shi-Won Ren
Mother Mika Akiyama

Personality & Traits

General Overview Somehow, Mina manages to come across as both too laid back and incredibly high strung. She’s good around people and seems to have a well-adjusted personality, but sometimes she has a way of making it known that she doesn’t get out much, and devotes too much of herself to her work. She appears to hold machines to a much higher standard than the people around her, which can make her style of leadership seem unpredictable and eccentric. As a starship designer she also has a connection to her creations that goes beyond simple familiarity. Rationality rules the day, but at times Mina can seem arrogant about what she knows that others don’t, and overly defensive when her life’s work acts up and gives her team ample opportunities to do their jobs.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mina is a very talented engineer, perhaps too talented for her own good. War all but forced her career off her planned course, and put her into a position to maintain a ship she had a hand in designing. No one else could be better suited to the task. Few besides her realize the drawback to that benefit though, as she will have a front-row seat in facing her own failures and oversights, a realization that is both humiliating and terrifying. Mina never intended to actually live aboard one of the ships she helped design, and now her life is one of bitter irony. No one can know that she—a starship R&D engineer—is actually afraid of being in space. The damage that fear could do to crew morale cannot be allowed to happen, but fears tend to have a way of making themselves known. Everyone knows Mina has a secret, but will she figure out that her secret might actually be something everyone already knows?
Ambitions In the future, Mina would like to be remembered as a paragon of Humanity. She would rather live a life of obscurity than be responsible for creating something that will bring her notoriety, but her talents seem too valuable to remain hidden. With that in mind, ambitions greater than her own and events beyond her control have forced her to walk a very fine line. Many say that the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. With luck, time will tell if her path stays true.
Hobbies & Interests Mina never intended to pursue a career in space, and now that she has one, her preferred lifestyle and interests are so far beyond reach she’s at a loss on how to reconcile body and soul. She misses metropolitan life most of all, with its many facets of being. On Earth she had her work and the lab, but she also had parks, museums, libraries, and ballet to enrich her life. Now there is just work. Mina does still have her violin, but no one—not even she—wants to hear the sad songs she can’t help but play.

Personal History Mi-Na (colloquially Mina) Ren was born in Xi’an, China in the autumn of 2123. Her parents (Korean and Japanese-American) were engineers involved in climate and environmental restoration efforts throughout China, parts of which were still recovering from the global nuclear war a century before. Irradiated wastelands were no place for young children, so Mina spent most of her formative years in Xi’an and other clean zones, attending a variety of boarding schools. Though she loved and looked up to her parents, Mina seemed to enjoy having a lot of structure and friends in her life, neither of which she had much of following in her family’s wake. She found herself gravitating towards academic environments that were increasingly competitive and disciplined, and surprised no one when she expressed an interest in spending her teenage years as a military cadet.

Though it seemed that Mina was poised to follow in her parents’ footsteps upon reaching adulthood, a burgeoning disconnect had formed out of the years and distances spent apart. Culturally, Mina had grown up Chinese, and had inherited few of the traditions and mannerisms common to her relatives. Intellectually, she was very much a technocrat, and had ideas that seemed much more progressive than those of her parents, who were more interested in repairing the Earth than in finding ways to take them further away from it. Family reunions became awkward affairs, where Mina felt like a foreigner with radical ideas. A sense of true belonging continually eluded her.

Mina pressed herself hard to win the respect of her parents, but things didn’t quite work out the way she wanted. Her natural talents and interests took her down a path of learning that seemed to clash with the one thing her family valued above all. Being a nuclear engineer was bad enough, but being one of the few well-versed in the ways of antimatter—the fuel of the future—made her all but anathema. That goal of earning respect transformed into a desire to prove her parents wrong… that she would create something that could help Humanity, and not repeat history by paving the way for another weapon that could destroy it.

Getting onto the research and development scene just after the launch of the NX-class, Mina and her colleagues benefitted greatly from the data and feedback collected from the first of the warp five starships. They were tasked with making design improvements that would make the ships faster, tougher, and better equipped to meet the dangers and challenges that came with venturing out into deep space. Mina and her colleagues were privy to the technical data, but they didn’t have access to the first contact and after-action reports. They didn’t get the full story on what exactly was being found out there in the depths of space.

They didn’t realize until the job was done that they were building the forerunners of United Earth’s first stellar navy. They were preparing for war.

Assigned to the NX Project’s Refit Initiative, Mina was the assistant team leader of the energy systems division, in charge of partially redesigning, testing, and constructing the second wave warp five reactor system when news of Earth’s first interstellar war reached her. The refit initiative, like many other projects, was partially gutted, then rushed forward into the operational phase to meet the urgent need for starships to defend Humanity. Mina’s employers then tried to push her into antimatter weapons research, but she resisted the move, not wanting to have a hand in any of that. After that her options dwindled, leaving her feeling useless and disenchanted, at a time when everyone else seemed to be stepping up.

Barely a year into the war, Starfleet, seemingly in need of experienced technical experts to serve as officers on its growing number of ships, tried to recruit Mina several times. Even her family and peers also questioned her about her intentions of joining up. In the end, pressure and a sense of personal duty won out. That and the belief that it was better to volunteer early than get drafted in once the best jobs were already picked. After signing up, she was commissioned and given less than a month of indoctrination and naval procedures training. The rest, it seemed, she already knew.

Assigned to one of the ships she helped design, Mina very much hopes she can do her job without anyone figuring out that she’s actually afraid of living in space.
Service Record First Posting (2156-Present)
USS Endeavour (NX-06), NX-class Explorer
2156: Chief Engineer